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Tom's Rocking Oahu Dolphin Birthday!
Wild video recaps, shot by us, swimming out off the Ewa coast of Oahu, launched from Wai'anae Boat Harbor!
Seahorses (pregnant poppas, about 40 ft deep) -> seahorses
Green Sea Turtles (Honu) about 20-30 ft deep -> honu
An UNBELIEVABLE Hawaiian Spinner dolphin (Nai'a) adventure swimming within feet of many many tens of dolphins -> nai'a

Hawai'i here we are!
Check out Ellie and Shay surfing at Waikiki, 11/26/2011 -> E+S Surf animated gif.

Check out Ellie solo surfing a different wave at Waikiki, 11/26/2011 -> E2 Surf animated gif.

Check out Shay solo surfing at Waikiki, 11/26/2011 -> S1 Surf animated gif.

Check out Shay solo surfing a different wave at Waikiki, 11/26/2011 -> S2 Surf animated gif.

See all 4 of the surf vids on one page -> Surf Quad View

Welcome to the Hawkes family website. Still being lazy with this site, but I have a few things wired in now. You can still search for the older baby and house pictures below. But now you can also scan our blogs where for awhile I was actually inspired enough to try and capture the girls creative stories.

I am doing a little keyword test to see if the sprinkling of some keywords on the home page magically changes the traffic flow. I will see what happens! Insert random keywords here: The Hawkes Family, Tom, Alia, Ellie, Shay, Devin, Madera, Hawkes Bay, Hawke, Tom Hawkes, boosey and hawkes, boosey & hawkes
PICTURES - recent/current:
Active and on-going microblog of our families mobile images and travels: The Hawkes tumblr mobile image stream

You can choose to search by event, person, or keyword (from drop down menus) and then click the search button to return the images from the database that you selected. Then you click on the thumbnails (mini view of the pictures) to see a full screen view of that photo.  Go picture hunting!
BLOGS: The Hawkes Family Journal - Tom's Spot - Ellie's Journal - Shay's Stories - Maddie the Moose's Musings

OUR HISTORY: Tom's Timeline
Ellie created, filmed, sound mixed, and edited while Shay and her friend Tyler were the actors.
Enjoy the haunting overlayed melodies of some horror and acoustic tracks that Ellie mixed for this movie. Survive through the somewhat tedious middle action loop to enjoy the SURPRISE ENDING (at least for 7-9 year olds).
Seriously though, I found the cable to connect the video camera, and Ellie and Tyler did all of the video editing, sound, title/credits on iMovie. Kids these days, I tell you.

OLDER (but awesome) LOADED VIDEO:
Alia's sister did a class project video and used Ellie as her lead acctress. The online video unfortunately does not have as good resolution as the DVD, but at least you still get to enjoy the soundtrack and cute scenes and story.

PROFESSIONAL: View Tom Hawkes's profile on LinkedIn (for Tom)

FUN (for Tom):
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VIDEOS: (all videos hosted at video.google.com and they get compressed so they don't look as good as our originals.)
06-28-06, Tom throwing Shay and Mitchell down a slip and slide.
06-xx-06, Little Red Appolis (LRA) Kids March 1.
06-xx-06, LRA Kids March 2.
06-xx-06, LRA Kids March 3.
06-xx-06, LRA Kids Car Song.
06-xx-06, LRA Go Go Girls song.
06-xx-06, LRA Suzanne special mention.
06-xx-06, LRA Suzanne Vice-Mayor.
06-xx-06, LRA Nancy Mayor.
06-xx-06, LRA Balloon launch.
06-xx-06, LRA Irene's race.
06-xx-06, LRA Naomi's race.
06-xx-06, LRA Ellie's race.
06-xx-06, LRA Ellie's post race snuggle.
06-xx-06, Naomi, Ellie, Shay, Daniela racing down a hill with reckless abandon.

PS. The old birth narrative for shay is still around. (narrative)

You can contact us at TomAlia{at}TheHawkes{dot}com (the {dot} stuff is to avoid me getting robot spam!)

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